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Halona Blowhole to close

The Halona Blowhole is closing for renovations this spring.

Actually, there’ll be no renovation to the Halona Blowhole itself—it’s a natural phenomenon. Changes are being made to its scenic lookout.

For those of you who don’t know, the Halona Blowhole is a popular tourist attraction on Oahu’s south shore, near world-famous snorkeling spot Hanauma Bay.

The blowhole is an oceanside underground lava tube that spouts seawater more than 30 feet into the air—when wave conditions are right.

Conditions aren’t right right now. The scenic lookout will close for at least three months as early as April.

The city will replace cracked walls and install a fence to keep the overly curious from getting too close. The lower observation deck, which is already closed, will be demolished for safety reasons.

The million-dollar renovation plans also include a wheelchair ramp.

Fun fact: Right next to the blowhole is Halona Cove, where scenes for From Here to Eternity were filmed.

UPDATE, 3/19/08: The Halona Blowhole will be closing on April 14. Work is expected to be completed by September.

UPDATE, 9/4/08: The viewing area and parking lot at the Halona Blowhole have reopened, just a few months before Hawaii's whale-watching season, which begins in early November. Perfect timing!

Here’s a YouTube clip of the blowhole doing its thing.

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