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Top 10 Honolulu Spots for Surfer Girls

Top 10 Honolulu Spots for Surfer Girls
Hawaii is known for having a seemingly endless supply of cool surf spots.

But still, it can get seriously gnarly finding a perfect spot.  Too many bodies competing for the same wave. Lack of parking. No places to paddle safely into the surf. No showers to rinse off afterwards.

Now imagine what it feels like for a girl.

That’s why we were pleased to stumble upon Honolulu writer/surfer Brenda Yun’s well-researched list of “Oahu’s Top 10 South Shore Spots for Surfer Chicks.”

The south shore is the heavily-populated stretch of shoreline dominated by metropolitan Honolulu. In spite of  its urban setting amidst boat harbors, hotels and office buildings, Oahu’s south shore is an area dotted with a surprising number of terrific compact surf breaks and beaches.

Great tips accompany Yun’s list.

We love her writing. She talks about how female surfers don’t face as much hostility when they wander into someone else’s favorite surf spot: “Girls rarely get into trouble because we tend to be eye candy for the guys and are therefore treated as such: sweetly.”

Another tip?

“Don’t be afraid to talk to the locals. They are usually very friendly!”

We can’t wait until Yun writes up surfer chick guides to other Hawaii locales.

Photo by Brenda Yun

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