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Please call the Hawaii Chair something else

HAWAII Magazine reader Beth Ann Larsen of Abilene, TX, called today and asked if we’d be interested in starting an online petition to change the name of the Hawaii Chair.

For the unenlightened—and this group included me before this afternoon—the Hawaii Chair is the latest bizarre piece of exercise equipment created for people too lazy to get any real exercise.

Picture a common office chair, only with a 2,800 rpm under-seat motor that swivels your hips in a hula-like motion as you work at your iMac, take phone calls, or eat lunch at your desk. That’s the Hawaii Chair in a coconut shell.

If you believe manufacturer T&L Perfect USA—and I’d be very wary here—the Hawaii Chair is “a fitness breakthrough” that “combines the ancient art of hula with patented health science technology.”

Uh-huh. Right.

Take a look at this informercial for Hawaii Chair. Some poor soul was even tasked with writing a jingle for this thing.

The only thing I truly believed from T&L Perfect USA's informercial spiel? Hawaii Chair has to be seen to be believed.

Someone out there start a name-change petition and I’ll sign it.

Check out this seriously funny clip of Ellen DeGeneres trying Hawaii Chair out on her talk show last week.

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