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Lost creators and cast discuss series' final season in Hawaii

Lowry admitted early on that he was forbidden from asking the co-creators any questions about Lost's upcoming  final season. But that still left him with the unenviable task of asking the ideal two dozen or so questions out of hundreds that audience members likely wanted answered about the series' production, history and complex storyline.

In taking on that task, Lowry did OK, mostly sticking to questions about Lost's Hawaii production, cast and crew memories and thoughts on the final season, and exactly who among the crew had knowledge about how the series would end.

Also entertaining: Screenings of Lindelof’s and Cuse’s three favorite scenes from the last five seasons, with comments and stories on each clip from the duo and cast members.

Lost_Hawaii_series_season_cast_creators_TVGuests had paid up to $50 to attend the event, which promised an opportunity for audience members to query Cuse, Lindelof and the cast about the series. Sadly, this proved the most disappointing part of the evening—not for lack of interesting questions, but for a lack of questions, period.

Well into the program, Lowry announced that because of a late start there would only be a brief time available for audience questions. Fans who queued up a dozen deep at two stage-side microphones had no idea how brief that time would actually be: The Q&A session was cut after just four questions. Complaints were audible as hopeful fans in line for the microphone returned dejected to their seats.

The evening ended with a couple of lackluster ABC promos for Lost’s upcoming sixth season—airing in early 2010—and fifth season DVD box set—out in December. The cast and crew made a somewhat hasty departure from the Royal Hawaiian Theater soon after.

To it's credit, the audience still ushered them off the stage with hearty applause. But it was disappointing to see what was at times a very entertaining evening for Lost fans end on a down note.

What did we find most interesting out of  the evening's commentary? Click on the following pages for thoughts from the cast and crew on a handful of Lost subjects.

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