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Lost creators and cast discuss series' final season in Hawaii

Lost_Hawaii_series_season_cast_creators_TVOn filming Lost in Hawaii despite pressure early on to move the series to cheaper locations elsewhere:

CARLTON CUSE: “It was pretty easy to see by the end of the first season how important shooting the show in Hawaii was to the show, and (how) the other places that were being proposed just didn’t even compare. Fortunately, the show had become a success at that point. I think that that helped us a lot in terms of having the leverage to continue to shoot the show here, as well as the incredible cooperation of the city and the state in working with us to make the financial side of the show work out.”

On the use of  CGI having a significant effect on the production’s ability to film in Hawaii:

CUSE: “The advances with computerized visual effects and the ability to do them on a television budget and schedule made it possible for us to shoot the show entirely here. … We’ve made (Oahu) look like everything from Moscow to Berlin to Iraq. And it was really only the advent of that technology being affordable and doable on the schedule and budget of a television show that has allowed us to do those things, and therefore we were able to take a piece of a building in Honolulu and make it look like Red Square in Moscow. It’s been enormously liberating. At this point … in terms of locations, we really feel we have no limitations in terms of what we can do.”

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