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Lost creators and cast discuss series' final season in Hawaii

Lost_Hawaii_series_season_cast_creators_TVOn the number of  people who currently know how Lost will end, and if series co-creator J.J. Abrams is one of those people:

DAMON LINDELOF: “Well, obviously all of the writers know how the show is going to end because we’ve been talking about it. … We have in depth conversations about the episode that we’re breaking. At the end of every season, we have a writers’ mini-camp where we talk about what we’re going to do in the following season and beyond. Once we secured an end date for the series, everybody who was part of the writing process pretty much had a very strong sense of what that was.

“As far as J.J. goes, he himself has sort of publicly spoken about the fact that he hasn’t been creatively involved in the show since the first season. He really enjoys watching it as a fan. So he’ll call us the day after an episode airs—he sees it the same time that you do—and basically say, ‘Oh my God, that was awesome!’ He has expressed an interest and curiosity in how the show is going to end now. And we are internally debating as to whether or not he’ll enjoy it more if he sees it on the air or whether we tell him.  He’s kind of like, ‘Tell me! Don’t tell me!’ But clearly, when we were doing the pilot there were a lot of things that we talked about that may or may not be incorporated in the actual series finale.”

On security measures taken to protect Lost plot lines:

CUSE: “When you cast a show you have to send out sides, which are the scenes that actors read to audition. Those have to go out to all the agencies. We never actually send actors the actual scenes they’re going to audition with. We write fake scenes that are kind of like the scenes that they’re going to do. So some of (the actors) might read a scene between a couple of insurance executives, and then find themselves in the jungle battling a polar bear. But the emotions are the same.” (Laughs.)

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