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Lost creators and cast discuss series' final season in Hawaii

On life after

LINDELOF: “For us, the show has been sort of an all-consuming endeavor. And that’s because that’s the way we want it. We love it. It’s a full time job. Working with our partners in Hawaii, we spend so much time talking to Jack (Bender) and Jean (Higgins) and all of the actors and all that stuff. The idea of thinking about life after Lost, or life without Lost, is incredibly bittersweet. But at the same time, I think we’re all thrilled that it’s ending. The fact that the show is now coming to an end (and) we’re ending it on our own terms as opposed to the show is being canceled, or went on three or four years after it should have, really generates this tremendous excitement.

Lost_Hawaii_series_season_cast_creators_TV"As for what we’re going to do next … when Carlton and I go to Comic-Con we actually like to attend other panels. And there was a panel (at the most recent Comic-Con) with (directors) Peter Jackson and James Cameron. James Cameron has basically been working on this movie, Avatar, for the last eight years. … So, essentially, some fan said, 'Mr. Cameron, what are you going to do when you’re finally finished with Avatar?' And he said, 'Asking me what I’m going to do after Avatar is sort of like asking a woman if she’s going to have any more kids when she’s crowning.' (Laughs.) So we kind of feel like we’re crowning right now. Don’t talk to us about what’s next. Let’s just deliver the baby, clean it off, show it to you, and then we’ll talk strategy."

JORGE GARCIA (Hugo "Hurley" Reyes): "Coming in this season and shooting has been really cool, but kind of feels like your senior year (of high school) where you’re really appreciating it. You know the sadness is coming, but you’re not there yet. Right now, you’re just kind of enjoying everybody and soaking everything in again."

YUNJIN KIM (Sun-Hwa Kwon): "After the show is over, I think I’m going to take a year off and go through all of Lost. I’m going to take a week, not sleep, and just keep watching, watching, watching just to get everything back. And I think it’ll set in when that happens."

Photos: Carlton Cuse, Damon Lindelof, Terry O'Quinn, Jorge Garcia (pg. 1); Lindelof, Cuse (pg. 2); Michael Emerson, Jean Higgins, Jack Bender, Yunjin Kim, Cuse, Lindelof, O'Quinn, Garcia (pg. 3); "Lost" props being auctioned off in summer 2010, on display at Royal Hawaiian Theater (pg. 4); Kim, Cuse, O'Quinn, Lindelof, Garcia (pg. 5). Photos by Derek Paiva
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