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Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives in Hawaii. Here’s where Guy Fieri dug in.

Food_Network_Diners_Drive_Ins_Dives_where_guy_eatsThe "train to Flavortown" has finally made a stop in Hawaii.

Food Network personality Guy Fieri has been busy running around Oahu this week, filming segments for his popular show Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. It’s the show’s first visit to the Islands.

On Diners, the ebullient Fieri—known more, perhaps, for his over-the-top antics at the DD&Ds he visits and spiked bleach-blonde hair than culinary chops—takes viewers on a continuing gastronomic road trip across America, showcasing dozens of casual eateries and dining institutions. For the restaurants Fieri checks out, a segment on “Triple D” is huge, guaranteeing exposure to millions of viewers across the U.S. who tune to the weekly show.

So where did Fieri wind up dining on his inaugural Hawaii visit?

Food Network wouldn’t tell us. So we did what any curious fan of the show would do given the situation: We asked around town, made some phone calls and followed the tweets of Honolulu followers on our Twitter page—which, as it turns out, was flooded with Guy sightings all week. As a result, we were able to trace Fieri’s footsteps to a number of eateries across Oahu.

Click the next few pages to find out where on Oahu Guy ate, what he ate and some behind-the-scenes stories of what went down at each stop. Hope you’re hungry.

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