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Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives in Hawaii. Here’s where Guy Fieri dug in.


Poke Stop

This seafood restaurant in the former sugar plantation town of Waipahu is best known for serving a multitude of incarnations of its namesake appetizer—which in its most basic recipe combines bite-size pieces of raw ahi (tuna), seaweed and salt. But chef/owner Elmer Guzman’s large menu also offers a number of other seafood items including soups, sandwiches and to-go bento boxes.

What did Guy eat?

Poke, of course. And three kinds: a salmon poke laced with the Japanese seaweed and sesame seed condiment furikake, an ahi and opihi (limpet) poke, and a variety with oio (bonefish). For extra panache, Guzman said he also fried a whole moi (threadfin) on camera for the DD&D crew.

Weirdest reaction from Guy:

When he was scooping out fish meat. The bony oio can’t be filleted like other fish, explains Guzman. Instead, oio is butterflied and the flesh spooned out before being mixed into the poke. The unconventional prep method “freaked his mind out,” says Guzman.

Wackiest Guy moment:

Guy hurling fish guts. Guzman says: “I look up from my cutting board to see Guy throwing moi guts at his producer. At that point I’m like, ‘What the hell is going on?’”

(In Waipahu Town Center, 94-050 Farrington Hwy, E-4, Waipahu, (808) 676-8100; and 95-1840 Meheula Pkwy, Mililani (808) 626-3400)

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