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Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives in Hawaii. Here’s where Guy Fieri dug in.


Hank’s Haute Dogs

You’d never have to ask me twice to have a hot dog at Hank’s. Still, hot dogs aren’t the first dish that come to mind when most folks think of Hawaii food. But it’s hard not to attract the attention of a show like DD&D when your hot dog joint regularly features sausages with unusual ingredients such as alligator, foie gras and Japanese Kobe beef … as Hank's does.

What did Guy eat?

Everything and then some. “We made every single dish on the menu at least four times. I know television can be such a long, continuous process," says owner Henry "Hank" Adaniya (pictured, above). Adaniya and his crew served up more than 100 hot dogs throughout the filming.

Guy’s favorites:

"The Fat Boy." Picture a hot dog crossed with a BLT sandwich, and you’ve got the idea. Adaniya wraps a sausage in bacon, deep fries it, then serves it in a bun with mayonnaise, tomato and lettuce. Fieri also approved of Hank’s take on the classic Chicago dog—appreciating “how true it stayed to the real thing"—and devoured the joint’s opulent French fries—fried twice in duck fat.

Weirdest reaction from Guy:

Fieri was “very skeptical” about Hank’s lobster hot dog—a seafood sausage made with ground lobster and fish. But his doubts proved short-lived, says Adaniya: “He took a bite and was like, ‘Wow that really works!’

Best Guy one-liner:

“You’re the king of encased meats,” Fieri told Adaniya. Says Adaniya: “Coming from him it’s a pretty big honor."

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