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Father Damien’s sainthood: Here's the complete TV and relic tour schedule


• Oct. 27: The relic departs Lahaina by ferry for Lanai at 6:45 a.m., accompanied by deacons Wally Mitsui and Pat Constantino.
Manele Harbor—7 a.m. prayers and songs.

Sacred Hearts (Lanai City)—7:30 a.m. arrival of the relic, prayer, convoy to the church, ringing of bells, enthronement of the relic with praise songs; 10 a.m. anointing of the sick; 11:30 a.m. potluck lunch; 12 a.m. meditation and prayers; 6 p.m. Mass, program honoring St. Damien and vigil.

• Oct. 28: Sacred Hearts (Lanai City)—6:30 a.m. prayer in church, convoy to the airport, prayer and songs at the airport; 8:20 a.m. departure.

• Oct. 28:
The relic arrives in Lihue via Honolulu at 11:32 a.m. accompanied by Deacon Wally Mitsui and Sacred Hearts Father Lane Akiona.

Immaculate Conception (Lihue)—7 p.m. prayer service, homily by Sacred Hearts Father Herman Gomes. Hawaii_Saint_Damien_relic_schedule_tour_canonization
• Oct. 29: St. Catherine Church and School, Kapaa—8 a.m. Mass, homily by Father Gomes.

St. Theresa Church and School (Kekaha)—11 a.m. Mass, homily by Father Gomes.

Holy Cross (Kalaheo)—3 p.m. prayer service, homily by Father Gomes.

St. Raphael (Koloa)—6:30 p.m. prayer service, homily by Father Gomes.
• Oct. 30: The relic leaves Lihue at 6:44 a.m. for Molokai.

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