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Five Questions with South Pacific’s Mitzi Gaynor on Kauai

Mitzi_Gaynor_South_Pacific_Princeville_KauaiHAWAII: You’ve had such a long career, it’s impossible to talk about it all.  But one moment intrigues me. You were on Ed Sullivan in 1964, between sets of the Beatles.

Funny story. We finally agreed I’d do Ed Sullivan’s show.  I asked who else was on and Ed said Allen and Rossi, so and so and so and so, and a rock ‘n’ roll group from Liverpool called The Beatles.

I said, Ed, don’t you know. Rock ‘n’ roll is dead. Which it really was in October 1963, when I met with him.

But by February 1964 when we did the show, everyone had gone from The Beatles Who? to The Beatles Wo-wo-wo!

People were calling me up at 2 a.m., saying we’ve been friends for years, you have to get autographs for my daughter.

When it was time to do the show, I still have top billing, because back in October I was still a bigger deal than the Beatles. (Laughs.) 

The boys were so adorable, they said they were glad to be on a show with Mitzi Gaynor, and they asked for my autograph. We became friends.

You’ll remember their haircuts. During rehearsals, my choreographer stopped everything and said, What’s that girl doing on the stage? Get her off.

So I told him, That’s no girl. That’s Paul McCartney. And he turned to me and said, I don’t care who she is. Get her off.

Photos: Mitzi Gaynor at Princeville this weekend (pg. 1), Photo by Patrick Dugan. Gaynor from South Pacific (pg. 3, pg. 4), with Rosanno Brazzi in South Pacific (pg. 2)

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