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That mai tai you had in Hawaii? Here's the recipe.

mai_tai_Hawaii_recipe_Moose_Royal HawaiianHAWAII Magazine reader Dixie Hergenreter emailed us requesting ingredients and instructions for a longtime Waikiki watering hole’s take on an ever-popular tropical cocktail.

Can I get the recipe for the mai tai at Moose McGillycuddy's?

You ask. We answer.

A Waikiki fixture for decades, Moose McGillycuddy’s restaurant/bar/nightclub draws steady patrons with its casual pub fare, draft beers, streaming ESPN feeds and extensive tropical cocktail menu.

We called Moose's for the recipe. They were happy to share it.

The ingredient list for the Moose Mai Tai is simple: orange juice, pineapple juice, rum and a few other ingredients. The recipe calls for two types of rum—light and dark. Moose’s uses Hana Bay rum—a brand that despite its name, is actually made in California.

Feel free to substitute a light rum and dark rum of your choice.

Here we go with the recipe:

Moose Mai Tai


3/4 oz. Hana Bay premium light rum
3/4 oz. Hana Bay premium dark rum
10 oz. Moose’s Mai Tai Mix (see recipe on next page)

Fill a 14 oz. rocks glass with ice and add light rum, Moose's mai tai mix and a ¾ oz. float of dark rum. Garnish with pineapple wedge, Maraschino cherry and orchid.

To make Moose’s Mai Tai Mix, combine the following ingredients in a pitcher and refrigerate:

3 quarts orange juice
3 quarts pineapple juice
3 quarts sweet and sour mix
1-750 ml bottle orgeat syrup

Moose’s Mai Tai Mix recipe will make 10 to 15 mai tais. If you’re entertaining fewer people, reduce the mai tai mix recipe ingredients to 1/3 of the original recipe.

The Royal Mai Tai

If you’d like to try a more contemporary take on the mai tai, try the recipe on the next page—one of our favorites. It was crafted by Hawaii master mixologist Joey Gottesman exclusively for the Royal Hawaiian Hotel’s beachside Mai Tai Bar in Waikiki. If you’re a HAWAII subscriber, you may recall the recipe from our Contemporary Tropicals feature in our July/August 2009 issue.

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