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Your Top 5 favorite Hawaii beaches: HAWAII Magazine Facebook poll results



Lanikai, Oahu

We’ll list just a few of the reasons why you voted this half-mile long stretch of white sand on Oahu’s windward side as your favorite Hawaii beach. The sand—fine and perfect for sinking toes in or building sand castles. The water—clear, with gently lapping surf and always perfect conditions for swimming or water sports.  The weather—generally sunny skies tempered by consistently cool tradewinds. The palm trees—bordering much of the beach and swaying in those lusty tradewinds. And, of course, the Mokuluas—a couple of offshore islets that are Lanikai’s iconic, much-photographed backdrop.

All were reasons why we like Lanikai, too. Can you guess where we’ll be this weekend?

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Photos: Derek Paiva (pg. 1, top), Hawaii Tourism Japan (HTJ) (pg. 1, bottom), Hawaii's Big Island Visitor Bureau (pg. 2), Wikikpedia/Commons (pg. 3, 5), Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA)/Joe Solem (pg. 4).

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