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Your Top 5 favorite Hawaii snacks: Our HAWAII Magazine Facebook poll results

Facebook_ohana_poll_results_favorite_Hawaii_snacksLately, we’ve been asking our HAWAII Magazine Facebook fans about a few of their favorite things.

A few of their favorite “Hawaii” things, that is.

If you're one of those fans, perhaps you've seen our “What’s your favorite Hawaii _______?” poll questions on our HAWAII Magazine Facebook fan page.

We're seriously impressed! You’ve been voting and sharing some great "favorites" with us and other HawaiiMagazine.com readers.

So we knew we’d get some interesting answers from our Facebook ohana (that's "family" in Hawaiian) when we posted the “Hawaii favorite” poll question: What’s your favorite Hawaii snack?

Sure enough, we got votes for every kind of Hawaii-made snack under the local sun: taro chips, mochi (pictured), Maui onion rings, andagi, lilikoi sorbet, saimin, POG, li hing mui or anything li hing, banana bread, ahi poke, Spam musubi. Unless a comma was left out of one of our respondent’s choices, we even got one vote for a Spam pineapple-upside down cake. (Don't write us for the recipe.)

We’ve tallied up your faves and have the Top 5 results from our poll in the pages ahead.

If you’d like to join and vote along with our growing Facebook fan page ohana, click here. You’ll get our “Hawaii favorite” poll questions as soon as we post them, and also get instant updates on your Facebook wall when we post all of our daily HawaiiMagazine.com stories and features.

Already part of our Facebook ohana? Check out the HAWAII Magazine Facebook fan page to sound off on our most recent poll question: What's your favorite Hawaii beach?

Then click ahead to reveal our Facebook ohana’s Top 5 Favorite Hawaii Snacks:

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