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Your Top 5 favorite Hawaii snacks: Our HAWAII Magazine Facebook poll results



Shave ice

Shave ice was the overwhelming favorite Hawaii snack with the majority of our Facebook ohana. In fact, no other Hawaii snack came close in our poll.

Wondering why a paper cone of freshly shaved ice with flavored syrup on it—a treat one could presumably get anywhere in the world—would be a favorite snack among both our visitors and residents? It’s likely you’ve never experienced Hawaii’s unique take on the snow cone.

Hawaii-style shave ice replaces the gritty ice of a typical snow cone with fine, fluffy snow-like ice flakes that absorb syrup instead of allowing it to settle at the bottom of the cone. Beyond that, Hawaii shave ice is famous for the multitude of syrup flavors and incarnations vendors here are forever crafting.

Our Facebook ohana liked lilikoi, pineapple, green tea, li hing, coconut and strawberry syrups. They liked “rainbow” shave ice when they couldn’t choose just one flavor. Some liked their shave ice with a center scoop of ice cream, or with a “Mauna Kea snow cap” of sweetened condensed milk. Most of all, our Facebook ohana liked their shave ice from an assortment of vendors throughout the Islands: Aoki’s Shave Ice in Haleiwa, Oahu; Jo-Jo’s Shave Ice in Waimea, Kauai; Tom’s Mini-Mart in Wailuku, Maui; to name just a few.

Our final guess on why shave ice was #1 in our favorite Hawaii snacks poll? There’s no better place in the world to enjoy one than here.

Photo credits: David Croxford (pg. 1), Commons/Wikipedia (pg. 2, top; pg. 4), Hawaii Visitor & Conventions Bureau (pg. 5)
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