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Colbie Caillat shows Kauai roots in "Little Things" video

Hanalei town (0:40)

Caillat bicycles shyly past the home of a surfer dude her video self has a crush on. The location is a residential neighborhood in Hanalei.

Doane: “I wanted a street Colbie could ride down, look at the house, make a sharp right turn after she sees the surfer guy and just cut out of there.”

Caillat: “We’d always drive, ride bikes or walk through town. We’d just cruise the neighborhood every time we’d go to the beach in Hanalei.”

Doane: “The house she’s looking at photographed great. It was the kind of house where we could put a couple of surfboards and towels on the deck. The kind of house where you might have three surfer guys hanging out.”

Caillat: “It’s really a cute neighborhood, and you have to drive through it to get to the beach. One of the (other) houses I’m riding by is a friend’s house.”

Colbie_Caillat_video_HawaiiBubba Burgers (1:04)
Caillat arrives at Hanalei landmark eatery Bubba Burgers, where she once worked summers as a teenager.

Caillat: “I worked there just one summer. But then every time I would go back, I’d always get talked into taking up a couple of shifts because someone wanted my help or something like that.”

Doane: “Everyone that works at Bubba’s is in the video, just doing their thing … everyone that runs it, and all the cooks. We shot in the morning since they didn’t open until 12:30 that day.”

Caillat: “They had to open a bit late because we extended (the shoot) a little. The owners are the people I stay with every time that I go to Kauai, so it was fine. They were stoked on it.”

Doane: “Once they opened, we took a lunch break and we all got to eat Bubba Burgers. Man, they really are some of the best burgers I’ve ever had! Just fantastic!”

Caillat: “I did the exact same stuff I did when I worked there. I was window. My friends were at the grill. You put the little order ticket up on the clothesline and you throw it. If someone puts a tip in the tip jar, you have to ding a bell and sing a song.”

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