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Colbie Caillat shows Kauai roots in "Little Things" video

Hanalei Pier (2:06)

Caillat and her friends drive to the much-photographed landmark on Hanalei Bay. The pier—which her and her friends would jump from to wade in the water—was one of Caillat’s regular hangouts as a teenager.

Caillat: “This is my favorite place. I love the view of Hanalei Bay at sunset. It’s just so gorgeous.”

Doane: “The day we filmed was a perfect day. The weather was great. We let Colbie just have fun and do what she normally did.”

Caillat: “Every time my friends and I would get off from work, we’d walk to the pier, jump off, swim back, get our exercise and have fun. All of the girls in the video are my best girlfriends that I’ve known forever. Some of them had been to Kauai, and some of them hadn’t.”

Doane: “They all got to just go in the water and have fun for an hour.”

Colbie_Caillat_video_HawaiiKilauea Falls (2:32)
Caillat and her friends next take a dip at the remote waterfall near Kilauea. Getting there isn’t as easy as it looks in the video.

Caillat: “The falls are actually on private property so most people don’t know about it.”

Doane: “But people hike there all the time.”

Caillat: “It’s a kind of gnarly hike down to it. It takes about 45 minutes to hike to it and it’s all downhill. So when you have to go back up, it’s hard. We hiked down there with the entire crew, filmed and walked back up.”

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