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Jason Mraz shares tales from "I'm Yours" Hawaii video shoot

Jason_Mraz_Hawaii_videoFor the March/April 2009 issue of HAWAII Magazine, I caught up with singer-songwriters Colbie Caillat and Jason Mraz to discuss music videos each filmed in Hawaii last year with veteran music video director Darren Doane. In our print edition, Mraz and Caillat talk about why they wanted to film videos for their hits “I’m Yours” and “The Little Things” on Oahu and Kauai—turns out both musicians, and Doane, had some history in the Islands prior to the shoots. Here on HawaiiMagazine.com, we’re featuring the trio sharing behind the scenes stories from the video shoots, which you can read while watching corresponding scenes in the videos.

In our first Web feature, posted earlier this week, Caillat and Doane shared behind-the-scenes stories from the video shoot for “The Little Things” in Kilauea and Hanalei on Kauai’s north shore.

In this, our second of two Web posts, Mraz and Doane talk about filming the “I’m Yours” video on the fly at various locations on the islands of Oahu and Kauai. For the last four years, Mraz has spent at least four weeks a year on Kauai exploring the island’s rugged, yet lush terrain, between adventures almost always staying with friends he makes. The video for “I’m Yours” riffs on Mraz’s preferred Hawaii vacation style. Over two days last winter, Mraz and Doane simply went out to shoot with a couple of cameras and virtually no crew. There was no schedule. They shot what they encountered.

The time in parentheses in the text refers to the point in the video Mraz and Doane are discussing. You can view the video for “I’m Yours” at the end of the post. Click twice on the video frame to enlarge the video.

We'll allow Jason and Darren to do all of the talking from here:

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