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Jason Mraz shares tales from "I'm Yours" Hawaii video shoot

Jason_Mraz_Hawaii_videoPrivate jet, Kauai (0:00)
The video’s opening scene is an overhead shot of a private jet at Lihue Airport on Kauai. It sets up the next scene where Mraz is seated, supposedly, in that same airplane.

Mraz: “I always laugh at the opening shot of the private jet because people assume it’s mine. It was actually just a clever edit by Darren, having shot down on it during a (Kauai) helicopter tour.”

Apartment interior, Oahu (0:07)
After gazing thoughtfully into a fish tank and putting on a backpack, Mraz’s video self departs an apartment, leaving the unit’s key behind. The location was an actual occupied apartment unit on the North Shore of Oahu. All furnishings belonged to the occupants.

Doane: “I wanted to open with Jason leaving an apartment to go somewhere. We knew some friends who said, ‘Hey, we have an apartment!’ We showed up and didn’t know what was going to be in there. There was a fan, and there was a fish tank. I think we took down maybe one (window) shade they had up to let some light in.”

Mraz: “I never met the girl who lived there. She was at work. But having swam in her sheets, I can say she smells like a hottie.”

Taxi ride, H-1 Freeway, Oahu (0:33)
Mraz sits in the backseat of a taxi. The scene was filmed the morning after completion of Oahu shooting. Doane hunkered down next to Mraz on the same seat. A CD with “I’m Yours” played on the cab’s stereo for Mraz to sing along to.

Mraz: “The cab ride was real.”

Doane: “That’s the cab that took us to the airport to get on a plane to Kauai. I asked the driver if it was OK if we turned on some music and let Jason sing. He was from Vietnam and it turned out that he was a singer, too. After we did our two or three takes, he put his CD in and we got to hear some Vietnamese pop disco.” 

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