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Jason Mraz shares tales from "I'm Yours" Hawaii video shoot

Jason_Mraz_Hawaii_videoKapaa, Kauai (2:30)
After a plane ride from Oahu, Mraz catches a shuttle at the Lihue Airport and winds up in the east-side Kauai town, which he simply explores on foot.

Doane: “The shots of Jason on the airplane were actually taken on our flight to Kauai. That’s a real flight attendant bringing him a drink. I just sat in the other seat across from him and filmed while he put his iPod and a speaker low on his seat and sang. We did two takes and then we had to prepare for landing. The bus he catches is the airport bus that drops you off in town. We just jumped in, played the music on the iPod and Jason just improvised.”

Mraz: “Haena, Hanalei and Kapaa town are my usual hangs. I like to stay within a close proximity of Papaya’s Natural Food store. Ideally, (when on Kauai) we meet somewhere before dawn to get some quiet glassy surf. By 9 (a.m.) we can be in Kapaa for a Bikram Yoga class followed by some tasty eats from Mermaids (CafĂ©). … I have fond memories of taking over the open mic night at Small Town Coffee—which is seen in the background at one point (in the video).

Mokuauia (Goat Island), Oahu (2:55)
While it appears in the video as if Mraz hasn’t left Kauai, these water shots were filmed in real surf off Mokuauia Island (a.k.a. Goat Island) on Oahu’s windward coast the day before leaving for Kauai shooting.

Mraz: The idea was to circle Goat Island. But we were running out of light so we opted for a little rock (nearby). I had to act cool and curious on the boat when the camera was running. But I was (expletive) my pants whenever a rogue wave came up on us. It would’ve been a long swim had we capsized.” 

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