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We visit Kauai’s newest resort, Koa Kea on Poipu Beach

Kauai_hotel_Koa_Kea_botiqueDespite the fact we were out and about much of the time, working on stories for HAWAII Magazine, we managed to relax a little in the easy-going atmosphere.  It’s the kind of hotel where if you leave something behind in the lobby, it’s back in the room before you are.

We ran into veteran hotel manager Chris Steuri, who remembered us because we’d tracked him down nearly three years ago (it took eight phone calls).  We were responding to a reader question about what was happening with the Poipu Beach Hotel, and Steuri had just been hired.

“I couldn’t tell you much then,” he said, “but it turned out well, don’t you think?”  You could tell he loved the property.  It’s a real hotelier’s hotel, not a cookie cutter corporate chain.  

“You know what the best thing is?” he asked.  “It’s 120 rooms, small enough that I can learn the name of every guest.”

Photos first page: Courtesy Koa Kea Hotel & Resort, second page: John Heckathorn

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