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Which Hawaiian Island(s) should you visit? Here's our guide.

which_Hawaiian_island_oahu_maui_big island_kauai_molokai_lanaiHAWAII Magazine reader Tewania Canterbury emailed us with a question:

For all of my life, I have dreamed about being able to visit Hawaii. With the economic climate, I am beginning to wonder if that dream will ever become a reality.

I have been giving serious consideration to just biting the bullet and doing whatever is necessary to visit some time next year.  I was wondering if you could let me know which island(s) would be best and any cost saving measures I could take in order to make my dream a reality ?

You ask, we answer.

Don’t wait. Now is one of the best times to plan a trip to the islands.  With the decline in travelers, there are Hawaii deals on everything from airline fares to the cost of tours and activities.

Usually the best deals come in packages—air, hotel, car rentals, all wrapped into one price.  One place to start is our Hot Deals page.  Or you could try our new booking engine on the left side of this page to see if there is a package that suits your budget.

There are many other ways to cut costs, looking for bed and breakfasts or condos with a kitchen, staying somewhere off the beach, and eating at the small restaurants where Hawaii residents eat—with their amazing variety of cuisines.

Now for your question of which Island to go to, tastes vary.  HAWAII Magazine editor John Heckathorn has written a quick guide to choosing one or more of the six major islands.  This may help those trying to choose.  Click the next page to get started.

(Veteran Hawaii travelers, please feel free to add your comments and talk about your own favorite island.)

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