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HAWAII Magazine guide to getting to and staying on Molokai

Airlines and airfares

You can fly directly to Molokai from Maui or Oahu on all three of Hawaii's air carriers—or from the the Big Island of Hawaii on select airlines. However, it’s become increasingly difficult to predict what the cost of interisland airfares might be in six days, much less six months into the future. 

If you are willing to book now, regional interisland air carriers go! and Mokulele Airlines are both offering one-way fares as low as $61 for travel from Kahului to Molokai. How long that fare will last is unknown.

Hawaiian Airlines flies to Molokai from Maui through its partner airline, Island Air. Hawaiian's current lowest Web fare to Molokai is $160 one-way. Booked directly, Island Air offers much the same flight for as low as $61.
As with much air travel these days, prices depend on when you fly and when you book. There may be special interisland deals in the future similar to these current promotions from the three air carriers for September. But maybe not.

Molokai_visitor_guideFerry service

Daily, there’s a 90-minute ferry service from Lahaina Harbor in West Maui to Kaunakakai Harbor on Molokai (map, left).

A one-way ticket is currently $52.40 for adults. Tour packages—an island van tour, compact car rental or Kalaupapa peninsula hike—are also available for an added charge.

You can check out the ferry’s schedule, make a reservation, or find more info by clicking here.

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