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Jason Mraz shatters music biz record with Hawaii-influenced "I'm Yours"

Jason_Mraz_Hawaii_music_record_Yours72 weeks and counting.

That’s how long singer-songwriter-musician Jason Mraz’s wildly popular hit song “I’m Yours,” has spent on Billboard Magazine’s Hot 100 singles chart, as of this week. As it turns out, it's also the most weeks any song has spent ensconced on the influential music chart in its entire 50-plus years of existence.

The previous record holder? Pop-country singer LeAnn Rimes’ 1998 hit “How Do I Live,” which spent 69 weeks on the chart in 1998 before dropping off.

It might surprise many to know that “I’m Yours”—a longtime Mraz live show favorite, which finally wound up on his 2008 album We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things.—was heavily influenced by Mraz’s time in the Islands. Mraz is a frequent Hawaii visitor, vacationing on Kauai a couple of times a year since 2004.

“My time is often spent bouncing up and down from Kapaa to Hanalei,” Mraz told HAWAII Magazine, earlier this year. “Meeting people is easy on Kauai, and the hospitality is unlike anywhere else in the world. So by the end of my stay I’ve usually been in two or three homes while always giving myself a night or two under the stars.”

“I’m Yours” wasn’t written on one of Mraz’s Hawaii trips. But his shaping of the song over the next four years in concerts and early recordings would be influenced by his time in the Islands.

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