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Jason Mraz shatters music biz record with Hawaii-influenced "I'm Yours"

Jason_Mraz_Hawaii_music_record_Yours“I wrote the song in San Diego during the summer of 2004, just before visiting Hawaii for the first time,” said Mraz. “The song was more of a novelty back then. But after visiting Hawaii more and more, the rhythm of the Islands began to shape the way I played it and my attitude about singing it.

“I didn’t want to fake a reggae song through the craft of songwriting. I really wanted to experience it.”

Hawaii is not the birthplace of reggae, of course. But a whole genre of Hawaii-produced music, dubbed Jawaiian—for its blending of Jamaican reggae and local acoustic-based pop/folk—has been a near-omnipresent part of the music scene here for more than two decades. In Hawaii, Jawaiian music is as inescapable as it is polarizing—popular with fans of its laid-back, breezy stylings, while often derided by Hawaiian music traditionalists.

Jason_Mraz_Hawaii_music_record_Yours“I’m Yours” carries hints of Jawaiian in its DNA. So it wasn’t at all surprising when many Jawaiian music acts—more commonly called “island music” acts, these days—quickly added covers of the song to their live repertoire after it became a national hit.

Mraz would eventually film the music video for “I’m Yours” on one of his Hawaii vacations, as well. At the time, Mraz had only two goals in mind for making the video here: satisfying his record company’s demand to have a music video to promote the song and album; and extending a Kauai vacation.

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