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Jason Mraz shatters music biz record with Hawaii-influenced "I'm Yours"

Jason_Mraz_Hawaii_music_record_Yours“I was already headed to Kauai … to visit friends and warm water and I didn’t want to cut my trip short to go make a silly video,” said Mraz. He was also initially reluctant to paint too definitive a portrait of the song’s lyrics on film.

Said Mraz, “The song had already been around for three years with much success, and I believed listeners had already applied their own ideas about what it was about. … (But) then I read (video director) Darren (Doane’s) non-story treatment that focused on being present, open to opportunity, and how life is a constant adventure.

Jason_Mraz_Hawaii_music_record_Yours“It meant that I wouldn’t have to play a pretend character and, thanks to his connections on the Islands, I would get to explore places I’d never been, and get to stay longer than my vacation was originally scheduled for.”

Riffing on the song’s theme of being open to opportunity and adventure, veteran music video director Doane—a frequent Hawaii visitor himself, having vacationed here as a teenager—crafted a video that mirrored Mraz’s preferred Hawaii vacation style. Over two days, the pair simply went out to shoot with a couple of cameras and no crew. There were no plans, no other equipment. They shot what they encountered.

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