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Jason Mraz shatters music biz record with Hawaii-influenced "I'm Yours"

Jason_Mraz_Hawaii_music_record_YoursThe video starts on Oahu with Mraz meeting up with skateboarders who take him to a North Shore skatepark. Others take him on a hike and swim at Maunawili Falls. He surfs some Windward Oahu breaks, and, changing islands ambles through Kauai’s Kapaa town and sings at a backyard barbecue. Mraz catches cabs, shuttle buses, a commercial flight, even hitchhikes. Doane shot it all on the fly.

(Mraz shared behind-the-scenes, shot-by-shot stories from the “I’m Yours” video shoot with us. You can read his musings while watching corresponding scenes in the “I’m Yours” video by clicking here.)

Even after 72 record-breaking weeks, “I’m Yours” shows no signs of dropping off the Billboard Hot 100 anytime soon. It’s ranked No. 35 this week, falling only three positions from the week prior. Amazingly, for a song with such staying power, “I’m Yours” never made it to the No. 1 spot on the chart, peaking at No. 6 in 2008.

Jason_Mraz_Hawaii_music_record_YoursPretty good for a Hawaii-infused tune Mraz casually calls “my happy little hippie song.”

“My observation is that Hawaii breeds a physically strong person. Because the mighty ocean is your front yard, and the unforgiving jungle is the back yard, you’re forced to acknowledge the power of the Earth. Hawaiians seem less interested in materialism thanks to the great supply of those precious and simple gifts of life: sunshine and water.

“’I’m Yours’ is a song about giving yourself to something or someone else. And Hawaii and its residents have been a constant source of inspiration for that non-attached way of life.”

Photos: Mraz and Doane shooting curbside at Lihue Airport, Kauai (top) by Jeffrey Goss; "I'm Yours" video stills on all other pages, courtesy of Level4.

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