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“Best of Hawaii” 2009: Our favorite Hawaii snacks

Editorial Staff Pick


Hawaii Chips

The best Hawaii chips aren’t potato. They’re crisp, kettle-cooked slices of kalo (taro), ulu (breadfruit) and yellow and purple sweet potato. Aaron and Vinel Sumida’s Blue Kalo bakery, located in the former plantation town of Hakalau on the Big Island of Hawaii, makes the best (and maybe only) bag of all four chips we’ve seen. The Sumidas buy their produce from local farmers, hand slice and fry their chips in vegetable oil, then give each batch a dusting of salt and garlic seasoning. Bet you can’t eat just one.

Blue Kalo, 29-2110 Mamalahoa Highway, Hakalau, Big Island of Hawaii, (808) 963-6929

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