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“Best of Hawaii” 2009: Our favorite Hawaii snacks

Editorial Staff Pick:



When you love musubi, you don’t stop at Spam, white rice and crisp, dried seaweed. There are infinite ways to make our favorite between-meal treat. Fried-rice musubi—with Spam, Portuguese sausage, bacon, green onions and egg—is a staff breakfast favorite. It’s easy to find teriyaki chicken, or beef musubi, even tempura musubi. One popular Honolulu lunch shop, Mana Bu, makes musubi and only musubi—more than 30 different varieties daily. Selections include shiso and wakame, veggie curry pilaf, hijiki seaweed, teriyaki and more.

Mana Bu, 1618 S. King St., Honolulu, Oahu, (808) 358-0287

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