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Your Top 5 favorite Hawaii-filmed movies: HAWAII Magazine Facebook poll results



“South Pacific”

Let’s face it, this 1958 film version of the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical is pretty much all about north shore Kauai’s breathtaking scenic grandeur. OK, and the tunes aren't half bad either. Mitzi Gaynor, as Nellie Forbush, singing “I’m In Love with a Wonderful Guy” on Lumahai Beach. Bloody Mary, played by the incomparable Juanita Hall, warbling “Bali Hai” at Hanalei Bay. Rossano Brazzi, as dashing French plantation owner Emile de Becque, wooing Nellie with “Some Enchanted Evening” on a bluff overlooking Mount Makana (subbing for the fictional mystery island Bali Hai.). We wouldn’t have our South Pacific any other way.

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