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Your Top 5 favorite Hawaii-filmed movies: HAWAII Magazine Facebook poll results



“Blue Hawaii”

Rock-a-hula, baby! The first and best of three hip-swiveling musicals Elvis Presley filmed here, 1961's Blue Hawaii has The King—as tour guide and Great Southern Hawaiian Fruit Company reluctant heir apparent Chadwick Gates—looking for love and, most memorably, singing "Ke Kali Nei Au (The Hawaiian Wedding Song)" at Kauai’s now shuttered Coco Palms Resort. Look for scenes filmed at the Kaiser Hawaiian Village Hotel in Waikiki (now a very different Hilton Hawaiian Village), Hanauma Bay and central Oahu’s then-vast pineapple fields. Elvis’s two other Hawaii-filmed musicals—1962’s Girls! Girls! Girls! and 1965’s Paradise, Hawaiian Style—weren’t even in the running with our Facebook ohana. Both received zero votes.

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