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Hawaii’s best swimming beaches revealed!


Hapuna Beach State Recreation Area

(South Kohala Coast)

“Hapuna has a shallow sandbar that heads out about 50 yards so little kids can play safely near shore, while older kids can bodyboard further out. It can be dangerous during the winter months when there’s higher surf. But when it’s calm, it’s great for families. There are restrooms, picnic areas and lifeguards. Like all of the beaches on this list, it’s just a great place to be.” 

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Photos: Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA)/Tor Johnson (pg. 1, top); David Croxford (pg. 1, bottom); Wikipedia Commons (pg. 2); Kauai Visitors Bureau (pg. 3); Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA)/Heather Titus (pg. 4); Hawaii's Big Island Visitor Bureau (BIVB) (pg. 5)

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