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Win 1 lb. of 100% Kona Coffee! Enter HAWAII Magazine’s Photo of the Week contest


One of the best things about checking our e-mail on any given workday is finding one or two of the dozens of snapshots sent in by our reader ohana each week for HawaiiMagazine.com's Reader Photo of the Week contest.

We’re almost on our third year of asking readers to send us their best photos taken in Hawaii—the places, scenery, people and, really, anything that captures a moment of life in the Islands. And if you’ll allow us a moment to boast, we think we’ve accumulated a truly stunning gallery of HawaiiMagazine.com Reader Photo of the Week winning photos.

From stunning sunrise and sunset photos taken on nearly every island, to snapshots of our lush rainforests and valleys, to clear blue and stormy gray Hawaiian skies, to unforgettable vacation moments, our reader ohana always manages to surprise and amaze us with their great eye for capturing Hawaii on camera.

Inspired by our Reader Photo of the Week winners? Send us one of your best Hawaii photos for consideration!

Each week’s winning photo gets a weeklong residency on our HawaiiMagazine.com homepage and a lifetime spot in our Reader Photo of the Week winners gallery. For added inspiration, each week’s winning photographer also receives a one-pound bag of 100% Kona-grown coffee from Hula Daddy.

Since 2002, Hula Daddy owners Lee Paterson and Karen Jue have produced consistently award-winning roasts from their farm in the heart of the Big Island’s Kona Coffee Belt. We’ve been longtime fans of Lee and Karen’s crisp, flavorful 100% Kona-grown coffee. Our thanks to Hula Daddy for offering our winners such a fantastic prize, and sending it straight to their doorsteps.

You’ll find contest rules, more information and the e-mail address to send us your photos on HawaiiMagazine.com's Reader Photo of the Week page.

Good luck searching for that perfect Hawaii photo! We can’t wait to see what you send us!

Past Photo of the Week winning photos (clockwise from top): Karina Chapman, Lindsay Alperstein, Kathy Hagedon

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