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Season's Listening! 6 essential Hawaii Christmas music albums

’Tis the season! The season, that is, when a bite in the air and the sudden manifestation of twinkling lights nudge you into revisiting the best of your Christmas music collection. You dive into the collection.  Maybe the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Perry Como, Burl Ives, Ella Fitzgerald, Elvis Presley and, in this writer’s case, Bruce Springsteen, are the tunes on your holiday playlist.

But do you have any Hawaiian Christmas music?

We thought not. Let the Hawaii-made Christmas albums here and on the following pages sleigh ride into your season of giving soundtrack. You can find all of them on Amazon.com and on Apple iTunes.

Here, in no particular order, are HAWAII Magazine's picks of the 6 essential Hawaii Christmas music albums.


Caz Christmas

Brothers Cazimero

Mountain Apple Co., 2006

Robert and Roland Cazimero’s love of Christmas is well known in the Islands. Their annual Cazimero Christmas concerts are a popular holiday season tradition. They’ve put together four Christmas albums since 1984. So why is this mix of modern and traditional tunes the best of the bunch? Robert and Roland’s exceptional arrangement skills have only grown more accomplished over time, and their harmonies increasingly sublime. Infused with imaginative twists that are the Caz’s calling card, Caz Christmas sounds fresh every holiday season.


Christmas Day in Hawaii Nei
Makaha Sons

Tropical Music, 1999

Take the chicken skin-inducing harmonies of Makaha Sons’ Moon Kaukahi and John and Jerome Koko. Add the trio’s signature uncluttered acoustic arrangements—six- and twelve-string guitar and stand-up bass. Then mix with a playlist matching up classic holiday songs (“Winter Wonderland,” “Silent Night”) and a handful of originals (Moon Kaukahi’s lovely title track). What’s left to do after the gift shopping is done? Sit back in your favorite chair, press play, close your eyes and Christmas in Hawaii is suddenly wherever in the world you are.

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