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Untouched Hawaii: 4 little-known natural wonders of the Islands preserved forever


In HAWAII Magazine's January/February 2010 issue feature article “Untouched Hawaii,” we took readers to four stunning little-known and rarely visited Hawaii landscapes that will remain forever as they have for eons: preserved and unspoiled. We share the story here with our online ohana.

Much of Hawaii has been adapted for human habitation—towns, roads, farms, cities, buildings. That’s good, because people can live in and visit one of the most benign and beautiful natural environments on Earth.

The flip side, of course, is that land development and a host of other factors such as invasive species and global climate change, now threaten much of that environment.

Here are four largely untouched places that have been saved. They include a remote Kauai valley, a Big Island black-sand beach, a sand-dune system on Molokai and a lush forest preserve on Maui.

Each has been placed into preservation status by the Hawaii Chapter of The Nature Conservancy. The organization, a national conservation nonprofit, purchases tracts of land to make sure they are left alone, untouched, in their natural state for future generations.

The Hawaii chapter of the Conservancy has bought and protected more than 236,000 acres of land statewide, sheltering hundreds of native Hawaiian species in the process.

Maintaining these sites requires manpower, funding and time—resources hard to come by. If you want to help, call (808) 537-4508, or visit www.nature.org.

“Our work is ongoing,” says Grady Timmons, the Hawaii Conservancy’s communications director. “It’s never really done.”

Still, the group has preserved some stunning untouched landscapes, as you will see on the following pages: 4 little-known natural wonders of Hawaii preserved forever.

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