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The HAWAII Magazine Guide to Visiting Molokai

In the March/April 2010 issue of HAWAII Magazine, we bring you a feature article on “Discovering Molokai.”

Despite its unspoiled beauty, not many people have seen Molokai. Even many seasoned Hawaii travelers have never been there. But the few who love Molokai, really love it, despite, or perhaps because of, its resistence to development and its limited tourism infrastructure.

We had a guide on our latest trip to Molokai, none other than Hawaiian singing star, Raiatea Helm, who grew up on the island and still has family there.

We thought, in turn, that we should provide a guide here on HawaiiMagazine.com for anyone thinking of visiting what’s called the Friendly Isle.

Here, and on the next few pages, we present HAWAII Magazine's Guide to Visiting Molokai:

Hawaii_Magazine_Molokai_complete_ guide_to_visiting

Getting There

Most people fly in and out of Molokai Airport. The planes that make this trip are smaller than the jets that service the major islands.

Island Air flies DASH-8s, a turboprop jet that seats 37, with direct flights to Molokai from Maui, Oahu and Lanai. You can, of course, fly from Big Island or Kauai, you’ll need to stop once.  [800-652-6541]

Mokulele Airlines flies nine-passenger Cessna Grand Caravans, with direct service from Maui and Oahu, and one-stop service from the Big Island and Kauai. Mokulele also offers charter flights, including one direct to the Kalaupapa peninsula. [866-260-7070]

You can book a Molokai flight through the larger interisland carriers, Hawaiian Airlines [800-367-5320] and Go! [888-435-9462], but Hawaiian’s Molokai flights are on Island Air and Go’s are on Mokulele.

Hawaii_Magazine_Molokai_complete_ guide_to_visiting

Interisland airfares vary considerably, depending on the flight and how far in advance you book, so you may wish to do some comparison shopping.

You get to Molokai from Lahaina, Maui twice daily by ferry. The Molokai Ferry offers a number of tour and car rental packages for daytrippers from Maui.

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