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The HAWAII Magazine Guide to Visiting Molokai

What to see and do (continued)

• Get Back to the Farm

Visit the fields of Kumu Farms, which grows fresh herbs and Sunrise papayas, and sample the wares from their charmingly decorated country produce stand. Try their macadamia nut pesto, the best we’ve had. [Molokai Ag Park, Hua Ai Road, Kualapuu, 808-351-3326].

Hawaii_Magazine_Molokai_complete_ guide_to_visiting

• Experience a real Hawaiian Fishpond

Raymond Leimana Naki lives in an open air hale on the edge of Kahina Pohaku, an ancient Hawaiian fishpond. Naki dresses in a traditional malo, will call you by the Hawaiian version of your name, teach you not only to throw a fish net, but also about the spiritual depths of Hawaiian culture.

Naki charges nothing, though he does ask visitors contribute “whatever their heart tells them” toward his fishpond project. [No address, no phone, but you’ll recognize Kahina Pokahu about the 9-and-a-half mile marker on Highway 450. No place else looks quite the same with its coconut stack pillars and its outrigger canoe.]

Hawaii_Magazine_Molokai_complete_ guide_to_visiting

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