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Lights! Camera! Hawaii! Movies and TV series now filming in the Islands.

lights_camera_Hawaii_movies_TV_series_filmingHAWAII Magazine reader Don Buckley e-mailed us with a question about Hollywood’s most recent sojourns to our Islands for filmmaking:

Judging by stories on HAWAII Magazine’s website, a lot of major film and television series productions are filming in Hawaii right now. Everyone knows about “Lost.” But could you provide a list of every production filming in Hawaii right now, or about to film in Hawaii, and what island each is filming on?

You ask. We answer.

Hawaii’s diverse natural landscapes and scenic beauty have proven cinematic catnip to filmmakers for about as long as Hollywood has been making movies. So many great movies have been filmed in the Islands over the years, that we’ve even posted a several “favorite Hawaii-filmed movies” lists here on HawaiiMagazine.com proving that fact. (Click here and here for those lists.)

Depending on the project, cast and crews of major productions may be based here in the Islands anywhere from several days for a quick location shoot, to several years for a hit TV series. Hawaii has taken in millions in spending dollars and tax revenue over the years from movie and TV productions.

lights_camera_Hawaii_movies_TV_series_filmingThe reality is, there’s almost always some kind of film or TV production shooting somewhere in the Islands at any given time. Whether independently financed or mega-budgeted, for U.S or foreign audiences, or with Hawaii as lead star or stand in for some other place in the world, film and TV projects are lucrative business as usual here.

That said, Don, we’d be lying if we said we’re no longer star-struck when a big production like Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (pictured, top) or Forgetting Sarah Marshall (pictured, above) rolls into town. After six years, we still even get excited when we run into cast members from Lost shopping for dinner at The Whole Foods on Oahu. And it is true that, in recent weeks, our Islands really do seem to have been playing host to more than their usual share of concurrent high-profile film and TV productions.

On the following pages, we present our rundown of every recent Hawaii-based film and TV project we know about—past (last three months), present and future (next three months):

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