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Last Aloha for "Lost": What cast members will miss most about Hawaii

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Before he leaves the island, Michael has less citylike things he’d like to scratch off his “To Do” list. “I would really like to visit Kauai, and I hope I get to eat chicken long rice again before I go. I also want one last look at the view from the top of Oahu’s Mariner’s Ridge hiking trail.”


The cast member whose “To Do Before I Go” list is the longest is Nestor Carbonell. Though he has portrayed Richard Alpert, one of the “Others,” off and on for three seasons now, he just moved his family to Oahu in August of last year. “We were really excited about living here, even though we knew the adventure would only last 10 months.”

Nestor is envious of his castmates who have lived here for years. “There’s a lot we want to do before we move back to L.A. It would be a shame, and a bit of an embarrassment, to leave Oahu without having learned how to ride a wave. That’s first on the list. And I definitely want to hike Koko Head Crater.”

Lost’s final season premiered at Sunset on the Beach in Waikiki last January, and it signified the beginning of the end. The ticking of the clock grew louder. It was time for the cast to reflect on their lives here and to appreciate all that Hawaii has given them. It has been an incredible opportunity and experience for them all.

As they find themselves leaving the bliss and warmth of the island and returning to the hustle and bustle of Hollywood, there are two main things they should prepare for: speed limits over 50 miles an hour and reminding themselves that 70 degrees isn’t actually “cold.”

(Bethany Shady is a freelance writer and author who lives in Honolulu, Oahu.)

(This feature was originally published in the May/Junel 2010 issue of HAWAII Magazine.)

Photos courtesy of Bethany Shady

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