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Disney's Hawaii Aulani Resort tops off construction

Disney_first_Hawaii_resort_Aulani_topping off

Aulani, the oceanfront Disney Resort & Spa under construction in Ko Olina in West Oahu, has reached a major construction milestone. 

At the end of April, the resort “topped off.” That is, crews recently poured the last section of cement at the fifteenth floor of the resort’s buildings.

That doesn’t mean the resort is done.  It just has reached its final height.  Above you see a recent picture which shows the two wings of towers connected by three arched lobby structures—which are supposed to evoke a Hawaiian village.  The lobby will eventually have volcanic stone columns and glass walls.

You can see the first outline of the resort’s water features in the center of the photo.  Water features will eventually include an inland saltwater lagoon, quiet pool and a water park with slides, rapids and waterfalls.  Most of the rest of this area, now bare earth, will be filled with gardens.

What you don’t see is the crescent-shaped Ko Olina lagoon, which fronts the hotel.  Here’s a shot from the hotel’s ninth-floor, still under construction, which captures the view.

Disney_first_Hawaii_resort_Aulani_topping off

When will it all be finished? At this point, more than a year out, all Disney will commit to is sometime in the fall of 2011.

Interiors, of course, remain to be finished. Click on the next page to see some Disney artist renderings of what the gardens, rooms and interior spaces will look like.

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