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Disney's Hawaii Aulani Resort tops off construction

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We still only have artist’s renderings of what the finished Disney Aulani resort will look like.  

Disney_first_Hawaii_resort_Aulani_topping off

The main entrance, which leads into the middle of the largest arch structure.

Disney_first_Hawaii_resort_Aulani_topping off

The big patch of dirt in the resort's center will eventually look like this.

Disney_first_Hawaii_resort_Aulani_topping off

Here's an artist's view of the water features, designed clearly for kids.

The two images that follow are artist's concepts for room interiors. Note the generous use of koa wood and Hawaiian-style detailing.

Disney_first_Hawaii_resort_Aulani_topping off

Disney_first_Hawaii_resort_Aulani_topping off

Photos and artist renderings: Walt Disney Co.

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