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The HAWAII Magazine Guide to Maui Ziplines


Skyline Eco-Adventures: Haleakala

No. of lines: 5

Length of lines: 120 feet to 750 feet

Maximum height: 150 feet

Course ideal for: First-time zipliners and people on tight schedules—it takes about 90 minutes to zip through the entire course.

Claim to fame: First zipline course in the U.S., built in 2002.

You’d think adrenaline junkies regularly zipping longer and higher lines elsewhere on Maui might pooh-pooh a zipline course strung beneath the canopy of a eucalyptus forest. Most of Skyline’s lines are about 30 to 40 feet off the ground. But the instructors on other tours praised Skyline Haleakala, first for introducing ziplining to the Islands and, second, for exactly the same reasons I enjoyed the course.

Skyline uses rock-climbing harnesses, which are less heavy and bulky than the “seated, forward-facing” harnesses used on other tours I’d been on. I was slightly less comfortable, but I really enjoyed the feeling of being unencumbered, as if I was swinging tree to tree. Instead of hitting a braking apparatus at the end, Skyline zipliners brake by running up ramps to come to a stop—easier and more fun than it sounds. I even immediately warmed to ziplining in the thick of a forest rather than above it, with all the close-up sights, sounds and smells the experience entailed.

Best zipline: Line No. 5. A course anomaly that requires zipliners to take a running leap of faith off a ramp perched on a 150-feet cliff to ride a 750-feet line barely above the treeline at speeds of up to 50 mph.

Call (808) 878-8400, www.zipline.com

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