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The HAWAII Magazine Guide to Maui Ziplines


Skyline Eco-Adventures: Kaanapali

No. of lines: 8

Length of lines: 350 feet to 1,100 feet

Maximum height: 150 feet

Course ideal for: Adventurous zipliners who haven’t done a course using rock-climbing harnesses.

Claim to fame: Best zipline views of West Maui Mountain leeward valleys. On the last tour of the day, stunning sunset views of Molokai and Lanai.

“A more aggressive style of ziplining.” That’s what a Skyline instructor explained would be the difference between the company’s Haleakala course and the longer, higher-elevated lines of its Kaanapali course.

You still use a rock-climbing harness, but the experience at these speeds is different. Instructors taught us how to “steer” our harnesses to avoid spinning too much, and how to brake at higher speeds. Right away, I liked the additional skill it took to control the zip here.

Skyline Kaanapali’s course criss-crosses a gulch in the West Maui Mountains, which on my late-afternoon tour offered picture-perfect views of setting-sun rays on Pailolo Channel spilling through clouds passing by Molokai and Lanai.

A portion of Skyline’s Kaanapali and Haleakala fees pay for the company’s native plantlife reforestation hikes.

Best zipline: Line No. 6, on which zipliners are advised to get a running start off the ramp to gain the momentum needed to make it to the other side of the gulch. No worries if you don’t make it. Instructors are pros at rescues on this line.

Call (808) 878-8400, www.zipline.com

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