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The HAWAII Magazine Guide to Maui Ziplines


Kapalua Adventures

No. of lines: 8

Length of lines: 500 feet to 2,300 feet

Maximum height: 300 feet

Course ideal for: People who want to combine a guided nature hike with ziplining. The upper course requires some forest hiking to get from line to line.

Claim to fame: Highest elevation West Maui ziplines. The longest suspension bridge in Hawaii—366 feet long, and 225 feet above a ravine floor—which you walk across en route to the first line.

You can break down your day of ziplining here into two shorter tours—four lines on an upper course, or four lines on a lower course. But if you’ve got the time, take on all of Kapalua Adventures’ ziplines.

Except for a training line, each features breathtaking views of the Kaanapali Gold Coast, Molokai, Lanai and the blue waters of the Pailolo Channel, from high atop the West Maui Mountains. All but two lines run across, above or, sometimes, right through the verdant forests and gulches bordering the Puu Kukui Watershed Preserve.

There’s a price paid in time to achieve that kind of elevation—mainly a 20-minute drive up the mountainside in a Mercedes biodiesel, and a wait for the entire group to take a “zipperlifter” to the highest elevation lines on the course. But, trust me, that’s much better than hiking the large acreage separating this impressive set of lines.

Best zipline: Line No. 8. Even at 2,000 feet, it’s not the longest line on the course. But over 40 seconds, you’ll travel at speeds up to 50 mph down a valley, following the course of a stream 300 feet below.

Call (877) 665-4386, www.kapalua.com/adventures

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