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The HAWAII Magazine Guide to Maui Ziplines


Flyin’ Hawaiian Zipline

No. of lines: 8

Length of lines: 250 feet to 3,200 feet

Maximum height: 500 feet

Course ideal for: Zipline addicts looking for the longest lines on the island.

Claim to fame: The longest zipline in Hawaii and third-longest in the world. Spanning two-thirds of a mile—including three ridgelines and two valleys—the final line here takes more than a minute to zip at speeds of up to 60 mph.

You have to admire the chutzpah of a tour that takes zipliners directly from a training line just a few feet off the ground to the second-longest zipline in Hawaii, 2,800 feet across a valley. Oh, and on a rare day, that line is so high, it might also require zipping through passing cloud cover.

Flyin’ Hawaiian’s course doesn’t disappoint after that first impression. It begins and ends in two different towns, taking zipliners over a north-to-south chain of nine West Maui Mountain valleys. On one side of your ride down the lines (none shorter than 500 feet), you get views of the West Maui Mountains from 1,500 feet to a few hundred feet above sea level. On the other side, you have unparalleled views of central Maui’s rich agricultural plain and the entirety of Haleakala.

Bonus: Admission fees go almost entirely toward keeping the course’s privately-owned land wild and unspoiled, and restoring native plant life. Each zipline group carries an endangered native Hawaiian hibiscus mao hau hele seedling to plant on one of the remote ridgelines.

Best zipline: Line No. 8. See “Claim to fame” above.

Call (808) 463-5786, www.flyinhawaiianzipline.com


Click here to watch videos and check out more photos from HAWAII Magazine's Maui zipline tour!


(This feature was originally published in the March/April 2010 issue of HAWAII Magazine.)

Photos: Derek Paiva (pg. 2, 3, 5);  Piiholo Ranch Zipline (pg. 1), Kapalua Adventures (pg. 4)

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