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Top 5 favorite Hawaii-filmed TV series ever: HAWAII Magazine Facebook poll results

Facebook_ohana_poll_results_favorite_Hawaii_filmed_TV_seriesHawaii has had its fair share of classic movies filmed here. But classic TV series? Not so much.

For every long-running Hawaii-based hit series like the just-ended Lost or Hawaii Five-O (pictured, right), there are at least a half-dozen or so well-intentioned failures like One West Waikiki or The MacKenzies of Paradise Cove. Don’t remember those last two series? Guess we won’t ask you about Wind On Water or Raven.

So we kind of knew the answers we’d be getting when we posted our latest HAWAII Magazine Facebook Ohana Poll question: “What’s your favorite Hawaii-filmed TV serie ever? A Top 5 front-loaded with the small handful of long-running hit television series filmed here, rounded out by a few surprises.

Not a bad thing, we thought. Especially since we were really curious about which one of those classic Hawaii series—and yes, Lost is one of these—our readers would vote as their all-time favorite.

We tallied hundreds of your votes—for everything from MTV’s Real World: Hawaii and Island Son to North Shore and Jake and the Fatman. Even long-gone 1970s afternoon kids’ favorite Checkers & Pogo—broadcast only in Hawaii—managed to get four votes.

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We'll be posting our next Ohana Poll question on HAWAII Magazine's Facebook fan page in the days ahead, so join soon if you haven’t yet.

For now, grab your remote control and fire up the flat screen or Hulu! Here’s the Top 5 countdown of our Facebook ohana’s favorite Hawaii-filmed TV series ever:



“The Byrds of Paradise”


The short-lived ABC family drama The Byrds of Paradise followed the day-to-day adventures of a father and his three teenage children—the titular Byrds—as they adjusted to life in Hawaii after moving from the mainland east coast. Only 13 episodes were filmed before the series fell victim to low ratings, but Byrds fans still remember the drama best for its admirable—if sometimes ham-handed—stabs at addressing real, if not exactly pressing, Hawaii issues. Pidgin English in the schools! Mainland transplants dating locals! The cost of living in paradise! Sure, the series’ sixth episode seemed a bit too early to jump the shark with a silly plotline about a massive tsunami threatening the private school where family patriarch Sam Byrd (Timothy Busfield) is headmaster. But we still think Byrds was yanked off the air just as it was beginning to take flight.

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