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Top 5 favorite Hawaii-filmed TV series ever: HAWAII Magazine Facebook poll results





Dog: The Bounty Hunter was nowhere near Lost in our poll’s final vote tally. (That fact alone should relieve a lot of Lost-ies out there.) But when we sat down with some fish biscuits and dug into the many reasons we've really loved Lost all these years—wildly intelligent if sometimes convoluted storylines; flashbacks, flash-forwards and flash-sideways; richly conceived characters and talented cast, etc.—we found one large shared reason we liked both series: We really like seeing our home island on TV!

When not filming scenes on Oahu's beaches and forests depicting action on The Island, Lost’s amazing production team made Hawaii a consistently credible stand-in for just about every place in the world but Hawaii. A snow-lined street in Berlin? Actually downtown Honolulu on a muggy fall day. A restaurant with a view of of Niagara Falls? Actually a beachfront restaurant in Waikiki. The list goes on and on.

Another bonus? Seeing the Lost cast around Honolulu doing the kind of mundane stuff we do every day. Trust us, you just haven’t lived until you’ve seen Naveen Andrews shopping for cheese at Whole Foods, or Evangeline Lilly at Ben Franklin Crafts.

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