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There are 1800 posts about Hawaii on this Site's best Hawaii food and cocktail recipes ... so far

Hawaii_Magazine_best_recipesHAWAII Magazine reader Dewayne Gill of Mesquite, Texas, wrote asking if we could publish a page of Hawaii recipes.

He works in a travel agency and notes, "We all love to cook, and we think it would be cool to send this to our existing Hawaii clients every month."

Although we haven't had a recipe page in the print edition of HAWAII Magazine, we have been including Hawaii recipes regularly here on, usually in response to reader requests.

When they leave, people seem to miss the food in Hawaii almost as much as the weather.

Perhaps you haven't seen any of what's turned out to be our large recipe collection. In addition to our own favorite Hawaii recipes (huli-huli chicken, ahi shoyu poke, misoyaki butterfish, saimin broth), we've procured the recipes for everything from the Royal Hawaiian Hotel Mai Tai Bar's classic Royal Mai Tai to the Punahou School Carnival's famous Portuguese Bean Soup.

Here's a handy list of all of our recipes (so far, anyway) with links to the original recipes so you can start cooking right away.

Entrees and pupu are on this page. Desserts and tropical cocktails are on the next page.

Bon appetit!

Entrees, pupu, etc.:

Huli-Huli Chicken

Portuguese Bean Soup (Punahou Carnival recipe)

Hawaii-style Ahi Poke

Hawaii_Magazine_best_food_cocktail_recipesHawaii-style Pulehu Steak

Hawaii-Style Saimin Broth

Hawaii-Style Misoyaki Butterfish

Hawaii Plate-Lunch-Style Macaroni Salad (two recipes)

Hawaii-style Barbecue (Teriyaki) Sauce

Hamakua Mushroom Stew

Choy Sum and Sausage Stir Fry

Lavender-Lilikoi Chicken (Alii Kula Lavender farm)

Chicken Adobo Wilted Salad

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