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Top 5 favorite Hawaii waterfalls: HAWAII Magazine Facebook poll results


Kaliuwaa Falls (Sacred Falls)

Where: Hauula, Oahu
Height: 80 ft.
Waterway: Kaluanui Stream
Access: Closed to public. Visible by air tours.

The hiking trail to Kaliuwaa Falls, better known to most as Sacred Falls, has been closed to the public for 11 years. On May 9, 1999, a rockslide in the steep, narrow canyon surrounding the waterfall killed eight hikers, hastening the end of access to the popular, but geologically unstable canyon. State officials have said as recently as this year that opening the trail to the public again is unlikely. But you can still view Sacred Falls’ by Oahu air tours, which offer an amazing view of the waterfall and canyon straight up into the Koolau mountain range. 

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